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Much like you, I spend far too much of my life cringing at the thought of filling my gas tank. Though I can't change the prices themselves, I can (and have!) come up with ways to increase my mileage while decreasing the amount of miles I have to drive. In the articles on this site, I share a few tips and tricks that can go a long way in lessening the impact the fuel pump has on your wallet. I hope you can use the knowledge within to save at least some bit of personal sanity.

Posted by admin on April 30, 2008

Improving Gas Mileage

Hybrid vehicles are better equipped to save fuel. Apart from being light-weight and has an efficient fuel system, the hybrid vehicle utilizes many tricks to increase the fuel efficiency. While some of these tricks can help any type of vehicle to produce better fuel efficiency, the hybrid vehicle is best equipped to produce better Gas Mileage. To extract maximum output out of a gallon of gasoline, a hybrid vehicle can:

  • Recover the exhausting energy and re-store it in the accompanying battery – It works this way: Whenever you apply the brake pedal in your vehicle, some energy is expelled from the vehicle. A fast-moving vehicle produces more kinetic energy. When you apply the brakes, this kinetic energy is removed and heat is produced. A hybrid engine can capture this heat and store it back in the batteries to use it later. The electric motor slows the vehicle when the brakes are applied and this electric motor acts like a generator to charge the batteries while the vehicle slows down.
  • A hybrid engine does not require the gasoline engine continuously while the vehicle is in motion. It utilizes the electric motor and batteries at certain times and thus saves precious gasoline. The hybrid, for example, uses the electric power at the red light, stops the gasoline engine and saves fuel.
  • With the advent of modern computers, the structural changes of the vehicle have vastly improved. Aerodynamic designs of the vehicle produces less drag on the vehicle, called the aerodynamic drag, and enhances fuel saving. The outer body is designed in such a way that there are few objects, compared to the older vehicles, to disturb the optimum airflow, thus producing minimal aerodynamic drag on the vehicle.
  • The vehicle itself uses better alloys that are stronger and lighter in weight. This reduction in the vehicle’s weight, while preserving the strength of the vehicle, increases fuel economy. Hybrid vehicles also uses special type of tires that are stronger and inflated at higher pressure to produces less drag and better road grip and smoother ride. In this way, the low-resistance and smoother ride produces excellent gas mileage with the hybrid design enhanced by the modern technology.
  • An electric-gasoline hybrid engine has two power sources. In some vehicles, the combination is used as a parallel hybrid. The vehicle has a fuel tank that supplies gasoline to the engine, while the set of batteries supply power to the electric motor. The engine and the electric motor turn the transmission at the same time and this transmission turns the wheels.
  • In a series hybrid engine, the gasoline engine turns a generator, and the generator can either charge the batteries or power an electric motor that drives the transmission. The gasoline engine never directly gives power to the vehicle.
  • Thus, the hybrid car design utilizes two sources of power and gives us a great vehicle which is not only a safer car, but also saves our natural resources – the gasoline. This hybrid technology is the immediately available answer to the global pollution.

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