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Much like you, I spend far too much of my life cringing at the thought of filling my gas tank. Though I can't change the prices themselves, I can (and have!) come up with ways to increase my mileage while decreasing the amount of miles I have to drive. In the articles on this site, I share a few tips and tricks that can go a long way in lessening the impact the fuel pump has on your wallet. I hope you can use the knowledge within to save at least some bit of personal sanity.

Posted by admin on November 6, 2008

Gas Sure Did Drop!

After reaching almost $150 barrel, oil has plummetted, down to the $60-$70 range. Some say oil may even fall below $50.

Unfortunately though, the reason oil has fallen so precipitously is because of the global economic slowdown. Everyone is cutting back spending and production, so oil is still falling.

At the very least, this means we all have to pay less at the tank. Of course, we have less money to begin with, so it’s a bit of a phyrric victory. Once the economic slowdown ends and things go back to normal, we will likely have to deal with higher gas prices.

Just because gas prices have fallen doesn’t take away the need to get better gas mileage. We sure don’t want to be caught unprepared again!

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